Faculty & Cluster Fellows
Cluster Fellows
2020-2021 Fellows

The following is a list of our current cluster fellow and includes their major, principle adviser and co-adviser, and research topic.


Sean Koyama, MSE
Principle Adviser: James Rondinelli (MSE)
Co-Adviser: Chris Wolverton (MSE)
Research topic: High-Throughput DFT Search for Persistent Spin Texture Materials

Anh Nguyen, ESAM
Principle Adviser: Niall Mangan (Applied Math)
Co-Adviser: Josh Leona (Synthetic Biology)
Research topic: Develop efficient methods for model selection

Doksoo Lee, ME
Principle Adviser: Wei. Chen (ME)
Co-Adviser: Cheng Sun (ME)
Research topic: Data-Driven Coronary Stent Design for Biomedical Applications

Kathleen Dreyer, MSE
Principle Adviser: Joshua Leonard (CBE)
Co-Adviser: Niall Mangan (ESAM)
Research topic: Develop the computational tools to design genetic programs in mammalian cells

Hui Lin, ME
Principle Adviser: Jian Cao (ME)
Co-Adviser: Ankit Agrawal (CE)
Research topic: Develop innovative additive manufacturing processes with machine learning techniques

Vishu Gupta, ECE
Principle Adviser: Ankit Agrawal (CE)
Research topic: Machine learning and deep learning, and their application in materials informatics

Yuwei Mao, ECE
Principle Adviser: Ankit Agrawal (CE)
Co-Adviser: Jian Cao (ME)
Research topic: Data mining to accelerate materials discovery

Derick Suarez, ME
Principle Adviser: Wing Kam Liu (ME)
Co-Adviser: Jian Cao (ME)
Research topic: Computational solid mechanics with applications to composites and additive manufacturing along with the inclusion of data science methods

Ibrahim Tanriover, ECE
Principle Adviser: Koray Aydin (ECE)
Co-Adviser: Vinayak Dravid (MSE)
Research topic: Machine Learning for Design and Simulation of Metasurfaces

Pham Thang, CBE
Principle Adviser: Randall Snurr (CBE)
Co-Adviser: Chris Wolverton (MSE)
Research topic: Develop a thorough genetic algorithm scheme for Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Yigitcan Comlek, ME
Principle Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Co-Adviser: Oluwaseyi Balogun (ME)
Research topic: Machine learning methods for structure-property prediction of complex microstructural systems

Yuhui Lyu, CEE
Principle Adviser: Gianluca Cusatis (CEE)
Co-Adviser: Wing K. Liu (ME)
Research topic: Computational, Multiscale Modeling of Innovative Materials for Civil Infrastructure