Faculty & Cluster Fellows
Cluster Fellows
2010-2011 Fellows

The following is a list of our 2010-2011 cluster fellow and includes their major, principle adviser and co-adviser, and research topic.

Pritha Ghosh, ChemBE
Research topic: Designing conductive metal organic frameworks

Mandar Kulkarni, ME
Research topic: Prediction of efficacy of nanodiamonds in drug delivery systems

Changhyeok Lee, IEMS
Research topic: Data-robust predictive modeling and decision making in health care

Yang Li, MSE
Research topic: Modeling, Statistical and optimization analysis of polymer nanocomposites

Ying Li, ME
Research topic: Modeling and design of active polymer energy harvesters

James Magargee, ME
Research topic: Controlled electric currect for spring back reduction

Han Bin Man, ME
Research topic: Modeling-guided synthesis of nanodiamond platforms for siRNA conjugation and release

Peter Winter, ChemBE
Research topic: Impact of environmental stress on biological systems

Jiayi Yan, MSE
Research topic: Multiscale titanium alloy design