Faculty & Cluster Fellows
Cluster Fellows
2017-2018 Fellows

The following is a list of our cluster fellow and includes their major, principle adviser and co-adviser, and research topic.

Dmtiriy O. Kats, ME
Principle Adviser: Wing Kam Liu (ME), Greg Wagner (ME)
Co-Adviser: Greg Olson (MSE)
Research topic: Process modeling in Additive Manufacturing

Mohammad Javad Sarfi, ME
Principle Adviser: Greg Wagner (ME)
Co-Adviser: Peter Voorhees (MSE)
Research topic: CAFE Modeling of Grain Growth in Additive Manufacturing

Zilin Jiang, ME
Principle Adviser: Jian Cao (ME)
Co-Adviser: Yip-Wah Chung (MSE)
Research topic: Structure-Property Modeling in Additive Manufacturing

Ian Madden, MSE
Principle Adviser: Erik Luijten (MSE)
Co-Adviser: Aggelos Katsaggelos (EECS)
Research topic: Machine learning for studying avalanche-forming granular systems

Zijiang Yang, EECS
Principle Adviser: Ankit Agrawal (EECS)
Co-Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Research topic: Deep learning in Materials Genome Initiative

Jun Guan, App Phy
Principle Adviser: Teri Odom (MSE)
Co-Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Research topic: Design of photonic lattice structure based on the desired optical band structure

Yu Chin Chan, ME
Principle Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Co-Adviser: Teri Odom (MSE)
Research topic: Design of advanced material systems

Mahsa Tajdari, ME
Principle Adviser: Wing Kam Liu (ME)
Co-Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Research topic: Stochastic modeling in CFRP simulation

Tianyu Huang, ME
Principle Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Co-Adviser: Wing Kam Liu (ME)
Research topic: Microstructure reconstruction and material design