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Information Security
Protect Your Information and Identity

We live in a connected world. It seems like everything relies on computers and the internet now to exchange data and make our lives easier - from email and cell phones, to credit cards and online stores, to key fobs on our cars and apps to control the thermostat in our homes. As the Internet of things spreads more widely, so does the likelihood and impact of a cyber attack.  

Everything you log into is a rich resource of information. Someone will always be interested in not only your personal data but the devices that hold it. We expect organizations like our banks, hospitals and workplaces to store our data securely. And we expect that employees authorized to access our information will safeguard it by protecting their own credentials.

Your role in keeping McCormick safe is key. The care we take with our own information and identity affects our community. The first step is to protect yourself so that you can recognize the risks and keep our school safe.