Computational Research Competition Recognizes ESAM Grad Student, Vicky Yang

The Northwestern Information Technology department held a Data Visualization competition that called for data or research visualizations from Northwestern students and postdocs from any field. The competition had three categories participants could submit entries to, static visuals, animated visuals, and interactive visuals and has a large turnout from departments across the university. Vicky Yang, a PhD student in the ESAM department won the interactive visuals category for her visualization of congress ideology throughout United States’ history. Her visual utilizes voting patterns to reduce the evolution of ideology within the 113 terms of the US congress into two dimensions. Find her interactive visual on her website, Visualizing the US congress

Vicky Yang's Visual of the 113th Congress

The data visualization competition is one component of the Northwestern Computational Research Day occurring on April 10th, 2018, which “is an all-day symposium which brings together students, faculty, and researchers across fields and disciplines to share and promote their experiences and efforts in digital research,” according to the Northwestern IT website.