Rethink Robotics Publishes Video About NU Robotics Research

Rethink Robotics, the creators of the Baxter manufacturing and research robot visited Northwestern several weeks ago, and they recently published a YouTube video about some of the work that students and faculty in the NxR lab have been doing with their Baxter research robot. Baxter features two 7-DOF arms, series-elastic actuators at each joint, a wide range of sensors, and runs the Robot Operating System (ROS) onboard. ROS is quite common in robotics research these days, and starting to make a strong push into the industrial world. In the MSR program, one of the goals is to provde our students with skills that are desirable in the robotics workforce. Teaching courses that use ROS, and guiding students to use ROS in their projects is just one way we do that. To this end, Baxter is a great learning tool that next year's MSR students will have the opportunity to interact with extensively.

Check out Rethink's YouTube video below:

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