ELEC_ENG 495: Game Theory and Networked Systems

This course is not currently offered.


Linear Algebra (e.g. Math 240 or GenEng 205-1), Probability (e.g. ELEC_ENG 302), basic optimization and mathematical maturity.


The strategic interactions among multiple agents is a fundamental feature of many networked systems. Examples include peering agreements among Internet Service Providers, licensing agreements for wireless spectrum, designing the right incentives for crowdsourcing platforms, competition among producers of electricity, engaging robotic groups to cooperate. Game theory is a basic tool for understanding such interactions. This course gives an interdisciplinary introduction to the fundamentals of game theory and it applications to such networked systems. 

NOTE: This course will be offered every other year, beginning in 2018.

The pre-requisites are basic optimization and mathematical maturity or consent of the instructor.


TEXTBOOK: We will be using “Economic Modeling in Networking a Primer” by R. Berry and  R. Johari as a main textbook  (content can be accessed at and “Game Theory” By D. Fudenberg and J. Tirole as a supplement reading.

GRADING: The course will have bi-weekly assignments, one midterm and a final project.