Faculty Directory
Joseph Moskal

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Professor of Neurological Surgery (MED)

Director of the Falk Center for Molecular Therapeutics


2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

Email Joseph Moskal


Falk Center for Molecular Therapeutics


Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

Pharmacogenomics, Drug Discovery, Brain Tumor Therapeutics

Selected Publications

  • Zhang, Xiao Lei; Berglund, Nils A.; Burgdorf, Jeffrey S.; Donello, John E.; Moskal, Joseph R.; Stanton, Patric K., Extracellular application of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor allosteric modulator rapastinel acts remotely to regulate Ca2+inactivation at an intracellular locus, Neuroreport (2022).
  • Basu, Subhash C.; Agarwal, Arun K.; Basu, Manju; Ma, Rui; Moskal, Joseph R., Stereo-specific glycomic codes of the normal and metastatic cancer cell surfaces, Nova Science Publishers, Inc.:177-200 (2021).
  • Barth, A. L.; Schneider, J. S.; Johnston, T. H.; Hill, M. P.; Brotchie, J. M.; Moskal, J. R.; Cearley, Cassia N., NYX-458 Improves Cognitive Performance in a Primate Parkinson's Disease Model, Movement Disorders 35(4):640-649 (2020).
  • Burgdorf, J. S.; Brudzynski, S. M.; Moskal, J. R., Using rat ultrasonic vocalization to study the neurobiology of emotion, Current opinion in neurobiology 60:192-200 (2020).
  • Morrison, Gladys; Asiedu, Marina N.; Priebe, Jessica M.; Dunning, Jacqueline; Ghoreishi-Haack, Nayereh; Kroes, Roger A.; Bowers, M. Scott; Barth, Amanda L.; Cearley, Cassia N.; Moskal, Joseph R., The NMDAR modulator NYX-2925 alleviates neuropathic pain via a Src-dependent mechanism in the mPFC, Neurobiology of Pain 7 (2020).
  • Burgdorf, Jeffrey S.; Vitaterna, Martha H.; Olker, Christopher J.; Song, Eun Joo; Christian, Edward P.; Sørensen, Laurits; Turek, Fred W.; Madsen, Torsten M.; Khan, M. Amin; Kroes, Roger A.; Moskal, Joseph R., NMDAR activation regulates the daily rhythms of sleep and mood, Sleep 42(10) (2019).
  • Burgdorf, Jeffrey S.; Ghoreishi-Haack, Nayereh; Cearley, Cassia N.; Kroes, Roger A.; Moskal, Joseph R., Rat ultrasonic vocalizations as a measure of the emotional component of chronic pain, Neuroreport 30(13):863-866 (2019).
  • Burgdorf, Jeffrey S.; Christian, E. P.; Sørensen, L.; Stanton, P. K.; Leaderbrand, K.; Madsen, T. M.; Khan, M. A.; Kroes, R. A.; Moskal, J. R., A translational EEG-based approach to assess modulation of long-lasting NMDAR-dependent synaptic plasticity, Psychopharmacology 236(12):3687-3693 (2019).