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Hooman Mohseni

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

AT&T Professor of Information Technology


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech Room M250
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-491-7108Email Hooman Mohseni


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Bio-Inspired Sensors and Optoelectronics Laboratory


Electrical and Computer Engineering


PhD Program in Applied Physics

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Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Northwestern Univeristy, Evanston, IL

M.S. Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

B.S. Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Research Interests

Research at Mohseni' Group covers the entire gamut of building new quantum optoelectronic sensors with breakthrough performance. Our research includes developing advanced simulations, novel materials, advanced devices, novel nano-fabrication, and breakthrough systems. We tackle real world problems and advance technologies that show promise for making orders-of-magnitude performance improvements. Our research has made impacts in many fields spanning from Biology to Astronomy.

Selected Publications

A New Approach to Designing High-Sensitivity Low-Dimensional Photodetectors

M Rezaei, S Bianconi, LJ Lauhon, H Mohseni

Nano letters (2021)

Photonic Jet Writing of Quantum Dots Self‐Aligned to Dielectric Microspheres

ARistori, T Hamilton, D Toliopoulos, M Felici, G Pettinari, S Sanguinetti, M Gurioli, H Mohseni, F Biccari.

Advanced Quantum Technologies 4 (9), 2100045 (2021)

Exaggerated sensitivity in photodetectors with internal gain

S Bianconi, LJ Lauhon, H Mohseni

Nature Photonics, 1-1 (2021)

A 3 pJ/bit free space optical interlink platform for self-powered tetherless sensing and opto-spintronic RF-to-optical transduction

S Wheaton, V Lopez-Dominguez, H Almasi, J Cai, Z Zeng, PK Amiri, H Mohseni

Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-9 (2021)

Highly sensitive SWIR detector array based on nanoscale phototransistors integrated on CMOS readout

L Liu, J Rabinowitz, S Bianconi, MS Park, H Mohseni

Applied Physics Letters 117 (19), 191102 (2020)

When shot-noise-limited photodetectors disobey Poisson statistics

J Rabinowitz, M Rezaei, MS Park, CL Tan, M Ulmer, H Mohseni

Optics Letters 45 (11), 3009-3012 (2020)

Recent advances in infrared imagers: toward thermodynamic and quantum limits of photon sensitivity

S Bianconi, H Mohseni

Reports on Progress in Physics 83 (4), 044101 (2020)

Dynamically Reconfigurable Data Readout of Pixel Detectors for Automatic Synchronization with Data Acquisition Systems

F Fahim, S Bianconi, J Rabinowitz, S Joshi, H Mohseni

Sensors 20 (9), 2560 (2020)

Quantum dots luminescence collection enhancement and nanoscopy by dielectric microspheres

F Biccari, T Hamilton, A Ristori, S Sanguinetti, S Bietti, M Gurioli, H Mohseni

Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 37 (1), 1900431 (2020)