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Prem Kumar

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Director of Center for Photonic Communication and Computing


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech Room M392
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-491-4128Email Prem Kumar


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Center for Photonic Communication and Computing

Current Research


Center for Photonic Communication and Computing


Electrical and Computer Engineering


PhD Program in Applied Physics

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Ph.D. Physics, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 1980

M.Sc. Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, 1976

B.Sc. Physics, University of Delhi, Delhi, India, 1974

Research Interests

Expert Areas

  • Quantum communications and quantum information processing/computing
  • Quantum sensing and imaging
  • Fiber-optic communications


  • Developing advanced photonic devices and systems for communication and computing
  • Increasing technological speeds through optical systems
  • Creating networks and devices that take advantage of quantum mechanics for highly secure information and networking
  • Developing tools for generating, distributing, and ultrafast processing of quantum entanglement
  • Using quantum light for precision measurements, sensing, and imaging


Selected Publications

  • Shi, Siyuan; Kumar, Prem; Lee, Kim Fook, Generation of photonic entanglement in green fluorescent proteins, Nature communications 8(1) (2017).
  • Callewaert, Francois; Velev, Vesselin; Jiang, Shizhou; Sahakian, Alan Varteres; Kumar, Prem; Aydin, Koray, Inverse-designed stretchable metalens with tunable focal distance, Applied Physics Letters 112(9) (2018).
  • Silver, Michael; Manurkar, Paritosh; Huang, Yu Ping; Langrock, Carsten; Fejer, Martin M.; Kumar, Prem; Kanter, Gregory S., Spectrally multiplexed upconversion detection with c-band pump and signal wavelengths, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 29(13):1097-1100 (2017).
  • Lee, Kim Fook; Tian, Ying; Yang, He; Mustonen, Kimmo; Martinez, Amos; Dai, Qing; Kauppinen, Esko I.; Malowicki, John; Kumar, Prem; Sun, Zhipei, Photon-Pair Generation with a 100 nm Thick Carbon Nanotube Film, Advanced Materials 29(24) (2017).
  • Manurkar, Paritosh; Jain, Nitin; Silver, Michael; Huang, Yu Ping; Langrock, Carsten; Fejer, Martin M.; Kumar, Prem; Kanter, Gregory Scott, Multidimensional mode-separable frequency conversion for high-speed quantum communication, Optica 3(12):1300-1307 (2016).
  • Nowierski, Samantha J.; Oza, Neal N.; Kumar, Prem; Kanter, Gregory S., Tomographic reconstruction of time-bin-entangled qudits, Physical Review A 94(4) (2016).
  • Rambo, Timothy M.; Altepeter, Joseph B.; Kumar, Prem; D'Ariano, G. Mauro, Functional quantum computing, Physical Review A 93(5) (2016).
  • Strekalov, Dmitry V.; Kowligy, Abijith S.; Velev, Vesselin G.; Kanter, Gregory Scott; Kumar, Prem; Huang, Yu Ping, Phase matching for the optical frequency conversion processes in whispering gallery mode resonators, Journal of Modern Optics 63(1):50-63 (2016).