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Koray Aydin

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


2145 Sheridan Road, L359
Tech Room L391
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-491-3055Email Koray Aydin


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Metamaterials and Nanophotonic Devices Lab


Electrical and Computer Engineering


PhD Program in Applied Physics

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Ph.D. in Physics, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

M.S. in Physics, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

B.S. in Physics, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Research Interests

The research program in the Metamaterials and Nanophotonic Devices Lab is mainly focused on the broad area of nanophotonics, an emerging field strategically positioned at the intersection of electrical engineering, applied physics, materials science and nanoscience. We are investigating optical metamaterials, plasmonics, metasurfaces and solid-state nanophotonics to understand the interaction between light and nanoscale photonic materials and to control and manipulate these interactions at will. Our ultimate aim is to design, fabricate and characterize metamaterials and nanophotonic devices with novel optical and photonic functionalities.

Current research topics include metamaterials and metasurfaces for controlling light at the subwavelength scale, plasmonic materials and devices for absorption engineering, two-dimensional materials for plasmonic and optoelectronic application, inverse design of compact millimeter wave and optical metadevices, hybrid, active and tunable nanophotonic devices based on phase transition materials.

Selected Publications

  • Lee, Seungkyu; Calcaterra, Heather A.; Lee, Sangmin; Hadibrata, Wisnu; Lee, Byeongdu; Oh, Eun Bi; Aydin, Koray; Glotzer, Sharon C.; Mirkin, Chad A., Shape memory in self-adapting colloidal crystals, Nature (2022).
  • Li, Yuanwei; Zhou, Wenjie; Tanriover, Ibrahim; Hadibrata, Wisnu; Partridge, Benjamin E.; Lin, Haixin; Hu, Xiaobing; Lee, Byeongdu; Liu, Jianfang; Dravid, Vinayak P.; Aydin, Koray; Mirkin, Chad A., Open-channel metal particle superlattices, Nature (2022).
  • Lee, Yea Shine; Abedini Dereshgi, Sina; Hao, Shiqiang; Cheng, Matthew; Shehzad, Muhammad Arslan; Wolverton, Christopher; Aydin, Koray; Dos Reis, Roberto; Dravid, Vinayak P., Probing the Optical Response and Local Dielectric Function of an Unconventional Si@MoS2 Core-Shell Architecture, Nano letters (2022).
  • Abedini Dereshgi, Sina; Larciprete, Maria Cristina; Centini, Marco; Murthy, Akshay A.; Tang, Kechao; Wu, Junqiao; Dravid, Vinayak P.; Aydin, Koray, Tuning of Optical Phonons in α-MoO3-VO2Multilayers, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2021).
  • Zheng, Cindy Y.; Hadibrata, Wisnu; Kim, Seokhyoung; Schatz, George C.; Aydin, Koray; Mirkin, Chad A., Large-Area, Highly Crystalline DNA-Assembled Metasurfaces Exhibiting Widely Tunable Epsilon-Near-Zero Behavior, ACS nano (2021).
  • Tanriover, Ibrahim; Hadibrata, Wisnu; Scheuer, Jacob; Aydin, Koray, Neural networks enabled forward and inverse design of reconfigurable metasurfaces, Optics Express 29(17):27219-27227 (2021).
  • Hadibrata, Wisnu; Wei, Heming; Krishnaswamy, Sridhar; Aydin, Koray, Inverse Design and 3D Printing of a Metalens on an Optical Fiber Tip for Direct Laser Lithography, Nano letters 21(6):2422-2428 (2021).
  • Abedini Dereshgi, Sina; Folland, Thomas G.; Murthy, Akshay A.; Song, Xianglian; Tanriover, Ibrahim; Dravid, Vinayak P.; Caldwell, Joshua D.; Aydin, Koray, Lithography-free IR polarization converters via orthogonal in-plane phonons in α-MoO3 flakes, Nature communications 11(1) (2020).
  • Wei, Chenwei; Abedini Dereshgi, Sina; Song, Xianglian; Murthy, Akshay; Dravid, Vinayak P.; Cao, Tun; Aydin, Koray, Polarization Reflector/Color Filter at Visible Frequencies via Anisotropic α-MoO3 , Advanced Optical Materials 8(11) (2020).