Faculty Directory
Arun Sharma

Research Associate Professor of Urology

Research Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering


303 East Superior Street
Simpson Querrey Institute Room 11-223
Chicago IL 60611

312-503-1101Email Arun Sharma


Biomedical Engineering


PhD    University of Illinois at Chicago, Pathology, Department of Medicine, 2002

BA      University of California at Santa Cruz, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 1994

Selected Publications

Szilvassy S, Weller K, Lin W, Sharma AK, Ho A, Tsukamoto A, Hoffman R, Leiby K, Gearing D. Leukemia inhibitory factor upregulated cytokine expression by a murine stromal cell line enabling the maintenance of highly enriched competitive repopulating stem cells. Blood 1996 87:4618-4628

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Van Den Berg D, Sharma AK, Bruno E, Hoffman R. Roles of members of the Wnt gene family in human hematopoiesis. Blood 1998 92:3189-3202

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