Faculty Directory
Paul Sabatini

Adjunct Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Evanston, IL 60208



Civil and Environmental Engineering


PhD in Civil Engineering, Northwestern University

MS in Civil Engineering, Northwestern University

BS in Civil Engineering, Columbia University

Research Interests

geotechnical engineering, earth retaining systems and foundations

Significant Professional Service

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Fellow
  • IStructE, Fellow

Selected Publications

Finno, R.J., Harahap, l.S.H. and Sabatini, P.J., (1991). "Analysis of Braced Excavations with Coupled Finite Element Fonnulations," Computers and Geotechnics, Volume 12, 1991, pp. 91-114.

Finno, R.J., Klein, G.J., and Sabatini, P.J., (1994). "Damage Evaluation of Pier Supported Building on Expansive Clays,"Settlement 94, Texas A&M University.

Sabatini, P.J. and Finno,  R.J., (1996).   "Effect of Consolidation  on  Strain Localization  of  Soft Clays,"Computers and Geotechnics, Volume 18, Number 4, pp. 311-339.

Sabatini, P.J.,  Elias, V.E., Schmertmann, G.R., and Bonaparte, R., (1997). "Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 2, Earth Retaining Syst.ems," United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Publication No. FHWA-SA-96-038, 161 pp.

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Kavaz.anjian, Jr., E., Matosovic, N., Hamou, T.H., and Sabatini, P.J., (1997). "Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 3, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering for Highways, Volume II - Design Examples," FHWA Publication No. FHWA-SA-97- 077, 163 pp.

Sabatini, P.J. and Finno, R.J., ( 1997). "Analysis of Localized Defonnation in an Internally Braced Excavation," International Symposium on Defonnation and Progressive Failure in Geomechanics (IS­ NAGOY A '97), September.

Sabatini, P.J., Swan, R., and Schmertmann, G.R., (1998).  "Issues of Clay/Geomembrane Interface Testing,"Sixth International Conference on Geosynthetics, Atlanta, Georgia, March, pp. 423-426.

Sabatini, P.J., Pass, D.G., and Bachus, R.C., (1999). "Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 4, Ground Anchors and Anchored Systems, "FHWA Publication No. FHWA-IF-99-015, 281 pp.

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Sabatini, P.J., Bachus, R.C., Mayne, P.W., Schneider, J.A., and Zettler, T.E., (2002). "Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 5, Evaluation of Soil and Rock Properties," FHWA Publication No. FHWA-IF-02-034, 385 p.