Faculty Directory
Claus-Peter Richter

Professor of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Professor of Biomedical Engineering


Searle Building
320 E Superior
Chicago, IL 60611



Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

Development of cochlear implants including novel devices based on neural infrared stimulation, use of laser in clinical settings, micromechanics of the cochlea, imaging; Bioengineering; Hearing; Otolaryngology; Physiology

My primary research interests are the development and improvement of cochlear implant electrodes, and the micromechanics of the mammalian cochlea.

The objectives of the current research projects are to investigate the stimulation of (auditory) neurons with optical radiation, to measure the impedances of cochlear structures and possible current paths for the electrically stimulated cochlea. New placements and designs of cochlear implant electrodes are examined. Furthermore, mechanical properties, such as stiffness and mass of cochlear structures are examined in normal and developing animals. Currently a novel technique is developed to visualize soft tissue structures without opening the bony cochlear wall.

Funding is provided by the National Intstitute of Health (NIH) and the E.R. Capita Foundation to study the stimulation of neurons using optical radiation and by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for cochlear micromechanics.

Selected Publications

Articles followed by PubMed IDs.

Optical stimulation of auditory neurons: effects of acute and chronic deafening.
Richter CP, Bayon R, Izzo AD, Otting M, Suh E, Goyal S, Hotaling J, Walsh JT
Hearing research 2008 Aug; 242(1-2):42-51
PMID: 18321670

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Izzo AD, Walsh JT, Ralph H, Webb J, Bendett M, Wells J, Richter CP
Biophysical journal 2008 Apr 15; 94(8):3159-66
PMID: 18192375

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Emadi G, Richter CP
Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology : JARO 2008 Mar; 9(1):22-32
PMID: 18046606

Tectorial membrane stiffness gradients.
Richter CP, Emadi G, Getnick G, Quesnel A, Dallos P
Biophysical journal 2007 Sep 15; 93(6):2265-76
PMID: 17496047

Roles of the Espin Actin-Bundling Proteins in the Morphogenesis and Stabilization of Hair Cell Stereocilia Revealed in CBA/CaJ Congenic Jerker Mice.
Sekerková G, Richter CP, Bartles JR
PLoS genetics 2011 Mar; 7(3):e1002032
PMID: 21455486

Unbiased counting of neurons in the cochlea of developing gerbils.
Richter CP, Kumar G, Webster E, Banas SK, Whitlon DS
Hearing research 2011 Feb 15; :
PMID: 21329751

Acoustic events and ¿optophonic¿ cochlear responses induced by pulsed near infrared LASER.
Teudt I, Maier H, Richter CP, Kral A
IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering 2011 Jan 28; :
PMID: 21278011

Infrared Photostimulation of the Crista Ampullaris.
Rajguru SM, Richter CP, Matic AI, Holstein G, Highstein SM, Dittami GM, Rabbitt RD
The Journal of physiology 2011 Jan 17; :
PMID: 21242259

Laser stimulation of single auditory nerve fibers.
Littlefield PD, Vujanovic I, Mundi J, Matic AI, Richter CP
The Laryngoscope 2010 Oct; 120(10):2071-82
PMID: 20830761

Optical cochlear implants: evaluation of surgical approach and laser parameters in cats.
Rajguru SM, Matic AI, Robinson AM, Fishman AJ, Moreno LE, Bradley A, Vujanovic I, Breen J, Wells JD, Bendett M, Richter CP
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PMID: 20603207

CO(2) laser fiber soft cochleostomy: development of a technique using human temporal bones and a guinea pig model.
Fishman AJ, Moreno LE, Rivera A, Richter CP
Lasers in surgery and medicine 2010 Mar; 42(3):245-56
PMID: 20333743

Electrical impedance measurements of cochlear structures using the four-electrode reflection-coefficient technique.
Kumar G, Chokshi M, Richter CP
Hearing research 2010 Jan; 259(1-2):86-94
PMID: 19857561

Imaging of cochlear tissue with a grating interferometer and hard X-rays.
Richter CP, Shintani-Smith S, Fishman A, David C, Robinson I, Rau C
Microscopy research and technique 2009 Dec; 72(12):902-7
PMID: 19455683

The importance of auricular prostheses for speech recognition.
Walsh WE, Dougherty B, Reisberg DJ, Applebaum EL, Shah C, O'Donnell P, Richter CP
Archives of facial plastic surgery : official publication for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Inc. and the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies 2008 Sep-Oct; 10(5):321-8
PMID: 18794410

Optical stimulation of the facial nerve: a new monitoring technique?
Teudt IU, Nevel AE, Izzo AD, Walsh JT, Richter CP
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Otoprotective effects of dexamethasone in the management of pneumococcal meningitis: an animal study.
Kim HH, Addison J, Suh E, Trune DR, Richter CP
The Laryngoscope 2007 Jul; 117(7):1209-15
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Optical parameter variability in laser nerve stimulation: a study of pulse duration, repetition rate, and wavelength.
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The hemicochlea preparation of the guinea pig and other mammalian cochleae.
Teudt IU, Richter CP
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Selectivity of neural stimulation in the auditory system: a comparison of optic and electric stimuli.
Izzo AD, Suh E, Pathria J, Walsh JT, Whitlon DS, Richter CP
Journal of biomedical optics 2007 Mar-Apr; 12(2):021008
PMID: 17477715

Tissue resistivities determine the current flow in the cochlea.
Micco AG, Richter CP
Current opinion in otolaryngology & head and neck surgery 2006 Oct; 14(5):352-5
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Laser stimulation of the auditory nerve.
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