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VIDEO: Society of Women Engineers Offers Outreach, Network for Future Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), a national not-for-profit educational and service organization, has provided network of support for female engineers at Northwestern since 1976.

“My favorite thing that SWE provides is the mentor/mentee program,” says Emily Masters, SWE internal vice president. “When I first came in as a freshman it was so great to have an upperclassman kind of teach me the ropes and introduce me to Northwestern and SWE.”

The group puts on the annual Career Day for Girls, a one-day workshop designed to encourage young women to consider engineering in their education and career choices, and STEP, a free three-day non-residential camp for girls going into 7th, 8th, and 9th grades to encourage them to explore careers in the field of engineering.

“It’s important for SWE to get girls involved in engineering because a lot of girls don’t have the opportunity to get involved in as much math and science,” said Divya Kathuria, SWE freshman coordinator. “It’s important for us to do that outreach to get them involved so they know they have choices.”

- Video by Matthew Dalzell. Music by Patrick O'Malley.