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McCormick Announces Eight New Advisory Council Members

The McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University is adding eight new members to its advisory council.

The council provides feedback and counsel to the Dean, suggests new directions for the school, encourages interactions with industry, government, and academia, and plays a leadership role in raising support for the school.

The council now has 36 members who serve for three-year renewable terms, except for life members. The council meets once a year, in the fall.

New members of the McCormick Advisory Council are:

Christopher Clower

Christopher Clower (BSNE '89)
General partner, SG Holdings

Mark Mills Mark Mills
Founding partner, Digital Capital Power
David Porges David L. Porges (BSIE '79)
CEO, EQT Corporation
Norbert Riedel Norbert Riedel
Corporate vice president and chief scientific officer, Baxter International, Inc.
Smita Shah Smita N. Shah (BSCI '94)
President, SPAAN Technology, Inc.
Gwynne Shotwell Gwynne Shotwell (BSME ’86, MS ‘88)
President, Spacex
Michael Stark Michael J. Stark (BSCI '78)
Managing director, Crosslink Capital
Michael Sutton Michael Sutton (BSCI '75)
President, Infrastructure Engineering, Inc.