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Design for America Start-up Featured in the Chicago Tribune

Three years ago, the idea for SwipeSense was born from a simple motion: wiping a hand on one’s pants.

Now its creators are working to get their product — a portable hand-sanitizing system for doctors and nurses that tries to eliminate deadly hospital infections — into clinicians’ hands.

After winning $50,000 in seed capital and three months of intensive mentoring from Healthbox, a health care new business incubator, Northwestern alumni and Mert Iseri and Yuri Malina pitched their product on Wednesday to more than 250 venture capitalists and angel investors.

"With nearly 2 million cases of hospital-acquired infections each year and the average hospital having a 40 percent hand-hygiene compliance rate, we wanted to make it so easy you don't even have to think about (hand-washing)," Iseri said, as quoted in the Chicago Tribune.

Iseri and Malina are co-founders of Design for America, a student group founded at Northwestern that uses design for social good.

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