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Northwestern Student Entrepreneurs Featured in MIT’s Technology Review

Hannah Chung works on an early prototype of Jerry the Bear with Diabetes

It’s been a big couple of years for Jerry the Bear and his creators, Northwestern seniors Hannah Chung and Aaron Horowitz.

Through their involvement with student group Design for America, Chung and Horowitz co-created the speaking, blinking robotic bear, which is designed to teach good glucose management practices to children with Type 1 diabetes.

Recently Chung and Horowitz brought their ambitions to Rhode Island where, through a Northwestern independent project, they are working to build a company around Jerry the Bear.

Now the students’ story has been featured in a video by MIT’s Technology Review, a publication that identifies emerging technologies and analyzes their impacts for technology and business leaders.

“Growing up, I always knew the path of becoming a professor, getting a PhD. But I knew nothing about entrepreneurship,” Chung told Technology Review. “Through entrepreneurship I can learn different stuff, I can learn about IP, business plans, engineering, design, everything, and it challenges me and I love doing it.”

Watch the Technology Review video.