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Mark Guzdial to Discuss Computer Literacy at CS+X Colloquium

“Requirements for a Computer-Literate Society” will take place Dec. 2

Most would agree that computer-literate citizens are important for an advancing society. But what, exactly, should people know about computing? And how do educational systems support that learning? 

Mark GuzdialAs a part of Northwestern Engineering’s CS+X colloquium series, Mark Guzdial, a professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing, will explore how public policy, teaching and learning strategies, and the development of computing education infrastructure can foster and promote computer literacy.

“Requirements for a Computing-Literate Society” will take place at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2 in the ITW Auditorium of the Ford Motor Company Engineering and Design Center.

An ACM Distinguished Educator and ACM fellow, Guzdial’s work lies at the intersection of computer science and learning science. He is particularly interested in studying how people understand computing and developing methods to improve that understanding. He invented the Media Computation approach to learning introductory computing, which uses contextualized computing education to attract and retain students.

Guzdial also leads Georgia Tech’s CSLearning4U project, which creates ebooks to help high school teacher learn computer science, and co-leads the National Science Foundation alliance “Expanding Computing Education Pathways” to help the United States improve and broaden its computing education. Guzdial received the 2010 Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award for contributions to computing education.