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Dean Julio M. Ottino Shares McCormick’s Nonlinear Approach to Innovation in Forbes

Ottino draws inspiration from his research in complex systems and nonlinear dynamics

For McCormick Dean Julio M. Ottino, innovation isn’t a skill that only successful innovators can demonstrate. Rather, it is the outcome of mixing together a complex set of talented people who link and reinforce each other in unpredictable ways.

Julio M. OttinoOttino draws his inspiration for this vision from his research in complex systems and nonlinear dynamics, and it is how he approaches fostering innovation through whole-brain engineering at McCormick. He shared his ideas recently with Forbes.

Ottino’s approach involved three steps: disrupting the initial conditions on which the engineering school was based, initiating collaborations across the University and across institutions, and creating opportunities for engineers to develop new skills, like design-thinking and communication. 

“We want to disrupt labels like innovator, entrepreneur, or even engineer,” said Ottino, “and instead train a new generation of people who have not only the functional technical skills, but broader contextual and collaborative abilities to truly innovate.” 

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