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Northwestern to Host Concurrent Web Science, Network Science Conferences

Network science is changing thinking about all kinds of systems. From the world economy to the human cell, the field has been amidst a revolution that stirred the imagination to conceive of systems not as a large collection of atomized components, but as networks where interactions matter. Web science involves analysis and design of the world's largest manmade network, the web, including web architecture, applications, and studies of the people, organizations, and policies that shape and are shaped by the web.

For the first time, Northwestern University will co-sponsor and host two renowned conferences about network science and web science -- The 7th International School and Conference on Network Science 2012 and the  4th International ACM Web Science 2012 Conference -- providing an excellent opportunity for scientists to break new scientific ground and connect with top scholars from all over the world.

The 7th International School and Conference on Network Science 2012 will be held at Northwestern University from June 18 to 22. The NetSci conference brings together leading researchers, practitioners, and teachers in network science (including analysts, modelers, and visualizers) to foster interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.

Speakers will include Luis Amaral, professor of chemical and biological engineering at McCormick, with his talk, “A Personal Perspective on Network Science.” Other topics will include “Networks in Financial Instability and Economic Growth,” “From Democratic Consensus to Cannibalistic Hordes: The Principles of Collective Behavior,” and “Why Do Liberals Drink Lattes?”

The conference is cosponsored by the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems, the Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC) research group, and the Northeastern University Center for Complex Network Research. For more information, visit

The 4th International ACM Web Science 2012 Conference will be held at Northwestern from June 21 to 24. Keynote speakers include Luis von Ahn of Carnegie Mellon University, Jon Kleinberg of Cornell University, and Sonia Livingstone of the London School of Economics. Invited panelists include Ed Chi of Google, Christian Posse of LinkedIn, and Neel Sundaresan of eBay.

The conference is cosponsored by the McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University School of Communications, National Science Foundation, and others. Information and registration is available at

Both conferences will be held at the Donald P. Jacobs Center (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University), 2001 Sheridan Road, on Northwestern’s Evanston campus.