Graduate Student Receives 2019-20 Predoctoral Achievement Award

Tianyu Jia is a recipient of the award from the IEEE Solid-State Circuit Society

Tianyu Jia, an electrical and computer engineering doctoral student working in the VLSI Lab under Northwestern Engineering’s Jie Gu, received the 2019-20 IEEE Solid-State Circuit Society Predoctoral Achievement Award. Tianyu Jia

The award is presented annually to a small number of high-achieving graduate students on the basis of research publications and academic performance at the flagship circuit conference International Solid-State Circuit Conference in San Francisco.

Jia’s thesis focuses on the advanced integrated circuit design techniques for microprocessors and machine learning accelerators. He is a recipient of the National Graduate Scholarship of China in 2012, the Richard Newton Young Fellow from Design Automation Conference in 2016, and the Terminal Year Fellowship from Northwestern University in 2019.

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