Master's students select one of three programs of study: the thesis, project, or course option.Master's students select one of three programs of study: the thesis, project, or course option.

Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MS)

The master of science in computer engineering program prepares students to become leaders in university and industry settings. The division offers students a truly interdisciplinary program in a department that also includes advanced degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, mirroring the interdisciplinarity that computer engineers find in industry and research. 

Courses and research in computer engineering include computer systems, computer architecture, mobile systems, parallel systems, parallel processing, parallel algorithms, hardware software interaction, VLSI design, embedded systems, numerical analysis, systems simulation, robotics, and large-scale systems.

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Curriculum and Requirements

At least 12 courses of graduate study are required to earn the master of science in computer engineering. Once admitted, students work with their adviser to select one of three programs of study. Students can select the thesis, project, or course option.

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Career paths

A master’s degree in computer engineering from Northwestern provides graduates with a variety of options. While some graduates go on to PhD-granting programs at prestigious universities throughout the world, others jump into working in design and management; microchips and computers; application-specific hardware and software systems; and computer-aided design tools for digital, aerospace, defense, and networked systems.