Anonymous Suggestion Box

Hello CEE Community,

Do you have ideas for additional ways that the Social Equity and Racial Justice committee can help support the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering? Everyone faces challenges sometimes, and if you’d like to share yours anonymously, you’ve come to the right place. We’d like to help open dialogue about your ideas, answer your questions, and make resources available to the CEE community. Please fill out this form with anonymous suggestions, feedback, or questions, which can include:

  • Feedback on what the department is doing well and areas of improvement
  • Suggestions for how our department can build a more inclusive culture
  • Your personal university experiences or experiences you have witnessed
  • Resources to help you navigate current equity and justice issues
  • Suggestions for future equity-related events or guest speakers
  • Questions about upcoming events or initiatives  
  • Useful initiatives you have observed in other departments
  • Ideas of activities or policies to improve equity and justice in our classrooms

Forms sent to us will initially be reviewed by the SERJ committee. If necessary, they will be discussed with the CEE administration. We will try to address your requests to the best of our abilities, which can include:

  • Adding resources on our website
  • Facilitating discussion with administration
  • Planning future initiatives and events 
  • Holding a town hall meeting to host an open discussion

Contact Information 

This suggestion box is anonymous, but if you would like to provide your name and department so that we may follow up with you, you may do so here. We look forward to using any information submitted anonymously to guide committee discussions in order to ensure our department is a supportive and safe space for all of its members.

Reporting Bias or Hate Incidents

Find information on reporting issues of bias or hate incidents that you observe on campus via Respect NU and the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) and learn how to submit an incident report online, by phone, or in-person on the Office of Student Affairs website.

Reporting Discrimination or Harassment

Find information on reporting issues of discrimination and harassment on Northwestern’s Office of Equity website or access their reporting system.

Reporting Incidents of Sexual Misconduct and/or Gender Discrimination

Please note that for issues of sexual misconduct and/or gender discrimination, faculty members and administrators are mandated reporters and may need to share incidents with the Office of Equity and Title IX Administration. Find guidance for receiving confidential support for issues of sexual misconduct and/or gender discrimination on the Office of Equity website.

Thank you,

SERJ Committee