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Updated 23 December, 2020

February 25, 4:00 PM (CT): Mobility Justice as a Means of Pandemic Recovery and Sustainable Mobilities 

February 18, 4:00 PM (CT): From Transportation Equity to Transportation Justice: Within, Through, and Beyond the State

January 22, 9:00 AM (CT): Decarbonisation and Its Discontents: A Critical Justice Perspective on Four Low-Carbon Transitions

Dec 10, 12:30 PM (CT): Antiracism in Thought and Action Speaker Series: Racial Politics after the 2020 Elections

Dec 10, 11 AM (CT): Race, Class, and Campus Climate

Dec 9, 12 PM (CT): Moving from Asking Different Questions to Action-Oriented Change

Dec 8, 3 PM (CT): Let’s Talk Diversity - Fundamentals: Equity in Graduate Admissions