Applied Math Graduates Discuss Career Plans

Graduating seniors William Lassman, Daniel Thomas, Rose Milavitz, and Patrick Atwood talk about their post-graduation plans.

At the annual, year-end gathering of applied mathematics majors, graduating seniors shared some of their experiences at Northwestern and discussed where their careers would take them. Such topics reflected the broad range of industry, business, science, and engineering in which mathematics can be applied successfully. Many students had been involved in research during their undergraduate years - addressing questions that dealt with biological evolution, neuroscience or the optimization of chemical processes. Some were interns at financial institutions or consulting firms. Among the goals pursued by the graduating students were MS and PhD degrees in Applied Mathematics, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Atmospheric Science. Other graduates have secured positions as traders, business consultants, data scientists, and analysts in marketing and investment banking. We wish all of our graduates satisfying careers and continued success.

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