An MS in engineering sciences and applied mathematics from Northwestern helps distinguish you from your peers. An MS in engineering sciences and applied mathematics from Northwestern helps distinguish you from your peers.

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Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics

The master of science in applied mathematics offers advanced courses in applied mathematics that prepare students for a career as a professional mathematician in, for example, industrial environments where specialized PhD training is not required.

The program is designed for students who want a background in basic applied math skills. The core courses cover key material that is beyond the undergraduate level to improve students' skills and form a foundation for a career in applied mathematics. Students typically take four classes per quarter to complete the twelve-course requirement in three quarters. 

The basic classes focus on both analytical and computational methods in applied mathematics. Our computational sequence of courses will give the student the necessary training to move into positions in industry requiring advanced knowledge of computational methods for partial differential methods, stochastic differential equations, and modern methods in parallel computing.

Preference is given to applicants with an undergraduate degree in mathematics, the physical sciences, or engineering. Prospective students should have completed coursework in linear algebra, advanced calculus, and differential equations.

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There is no funding available for master's students in engineering sciences and applied mathematics. For additional information, please visit The Graduate School Financial Aid website. You can also browse Northwestern's list of national funding and fellowship resources or view additional information on funding options specifically for graduate students.

There is also a variety of student loans available for graduate students.

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Career Paths

Applied mathematics graduates find opportunities in both the private and public sectors. In the private sector, they are in high demand in financial services, scientific and engineering research, software development, and management consulting. In the public sector, they analyze and develop public policy, safeguard digital resources, and process intelligence data.

By training, applied mathematicians are cross-disciplinary, making them adaptable to emerging new industries and technologies. For example, applied mathematics alum Gwynne Shotwell (MS '88), is the current president of the pioneering commercial space company SpaceX.