Course Listings

CourseCourse TitleFallWinterSpring
MSIA 400Everything Starts with Data
Diego Klabjan

MSIA 401Predictive Analytics I
Ajit Tamhane

MSIA 410Generating Business Value with Analytics

Joel Shapiro

MSIA 411Introduction to Data Visualization and Data Storytelling

Rebeca Pop

MSIA 412Leadership Insights and Skills for Data Scientists
Brenda Ellington Booth and Robert Langewisch

MSIA 413Introduction to Databases & Information Retrieval
Nikos Hardavellas

MSIA 414Text Analytics
Emilia Apostolova

MSIA 420Predictive Analytics II

Daniel Apley

MSIA 421Data Mining

Edward C. Malthouse

MSIA 422Intro to Java & Python Programming
Anan Yaagoub

MSIA 423Analytics Value Chain

Chloe Mawer and Fausto Inestroza
MSIA 430Introduction to Data Management for Business Intelligence

Goce Trajcevski
MSIA 431Analytics for Big Data

Diego Klabjan
MSIA 432Deep Learning

Ellick Chan
MSIA 440Optimization and Heuristics
Michael Watson and Ehsan Kodabandeh

MSIA 489Industry Practicum
Diego Klabjan

Diego Klabjan

Diego Klabjan
MSIA 490-21Predictive Models for Credit Risk Management

MSIA 490-23Healthcare Analytics

MSIA 490-24Reinforcement Learning for Artificial Intelligence
Diego Klabjan

MSIA 490-27Social Networks Analysis
Noshir Contractor

MSIA 499Capstone Design
Diego Klabjan