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McCormick Graduates

McCormick Graduates Celebrate 163rd Commencement

During a ceremony on June 13, Dean Julio M. Ottino and keynote speaker Bruce Mau commended graduates for overcoming challenges and shared optimism over their potential to bring change to the world.Read more

COVID-19 book

Book Spotlights Technological Response to COVID-19

A new book by recent undergraduates examines emerging technologies that could help fight against COVID-19 and future pandemics.Read more

New Material Captures Air-borne Droplets

Northwestern Engineering researchers have developed a new clear, viscous liquid that can be painted onto any surface, effectively removing the droplets from the air.Read more

Alert System Linked to Operational Hospitals, Lives Saved

The system tracks the number of new daily COVID-19 hospital admissions and triggers changes in guidance when admissions cross specific threshold values.Read more

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Engineering News

Spring 2021: Resilient and United


Spring 2021

Resilient and United: Pivoting to Face the Pandemic

Over the past year, our community became more resourceful and resilient than ever. Our durable spirit has inspired whole-brain thinking—personally and professionally. This issue of our magazine is full of stories that show how well our community has faced COVID-19 together and adjusted with creativity and perseverance.

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