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Jill H. Wilson

Professor of Instruction of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences

Assistant Chair of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech C146
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences


Master of Engineering Management Program

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Ph.D. Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization, Georgia Institute Of Technology, Atlanta, GA

MS Operations Research, Georgia Institute Of Technology, Atlanta, GA

BS Mathematics, minor in Computer Science, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Research Interests

Integer programming and combinatorial optimization, study of operations research education

Selected Publications

Hardin, J., J. Lee, and J. Leung. “On the Boolean-Quadric Packing Uncapacitated Facility-Location Polytope,” Annals of Operations Research 83 (1998), 77-94.

Campbell, A.M., and J.R. Hardin. “Vehicle Minimization for Periodic Deliveries,” European Journal of Operational Research 165 (2005), 668-684.

Norback, J.S., and J.R. Hardin. “Integrating Workplace Communication into Senior Design,” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 48 (2005), 413-426.

Hardin, J.R., G.L. Nemhauser, and M.W.P. Savelsbergh. “Analysis of Bounds for a Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problem,” Computers and Operations Research 34 (2007), 1721-1743.

Merrick, J.R.W., J.R. Hardin, and Walker, R. “Partnerships in Training.” Interfaces 36 (2006), 359-370.

Hardin, J.R., G.L. Nemhauser, and M.W.P. Savelsbergh. “Strong Valid Inequalities for the Resource-constrained Scheduling Problem with Uniform Resource Requirements,” Discrete Optimization 5 (2008), 19-35.

Grossman, T.A., J.S. Norback, J.R. Hardin, and G.A. Forehand. “Managerial Communication of Analytical Work,” INFORMS Transactions on Education 8 (2008).

Hardin, J., A. Holder, J.C. Beck, K. Furman, A. Hanna, D. Rader and C. Rego. “Recommendations for an Undergraduate Curriculum at the Interface of Operations Research and Computer Science,” INFORMS Transactions on Education 12 (2012), 117-123.

Campbell, A. and J. Hardin Wilson. “Forty Years of Periodic Vehicle Routing,” Networks 63 (2014), 2-15.

Srinivasan, S., J. P. Brooks, and J. Hardin Wilson. “Batching-based Approaches for Optimized Packing of Jobs in the Spatial Scheduling Problem,” Optimized Packings and Their Applications, Eds. J. D. Pintér and G. Fasano.

Wilson, J.H., DP Morton, E. Chudik, and E. Han. “Flipping out for probability,” IISE Annual Conference Proceedings. 2021:1-6. Selected Best Track Paper in Engineering Education.