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David Morton

Walter P. Murphy Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech C216
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences


Ph.D. Operations Research, Stanford University, CA

M.S. Operations Research, Stanford University, CA

B.S. Mathematics and Physics, Stetson University, FL

Research Interests

Stochastic optimization and its application to public health, energy, and security.

Selected Publications

R. Pasco, K. Johnson, S.J. Fox, K.A. Pierce, M. Johnson-Leon, M. Lachmann, D.P. Morton, and L.A. Meyers, "Equitable allocation of COVID-19 tests across a school district to control transmission," Emerging Infectious Diseases 29, 501-510 (2023).

D. Duque, S. Mehrotra, and D.P. Morton, "Distributionally robust two-stage stochastic programming," SIAM Journal on Optimization 32, 1499-1522 (2022).

O. Dowson, D.P. Morton, and A. Downward, "Bi-objective multistage stochastic linear programming," Mathematical Programming 196, 907-933 (2022). 

G. Kahvecioglu and D.P. Morton, "Optimal hierarchical clustering on a graph," Networks 79, 143-163 (2022). 

H. Yang and D.P. Morton, "Optimal crashing of an activity network with disruptions," Mathematical Programming 194, 1113-1162 (2022).

H. Yang, O. Surer, D. Duque, D.P. Morton, B. Singh, S. Fox, R. Pasco, K. Pierce, P. Rathouz, V. Valencia, Z. Du, M. Pignone, M.E. Escott, S.I. Adler, S. Clairborne Johnston, and L.A. Meyers, "Design of COVID-19 staged alert systems to ensure healthcare capacity with minimal closures,'' Nature Communications 12, 3767 (2021).

J. Hardin Wilson, D.P. Morton, E. Han and E. Chudik, “Flipping out for probability,” Proceedings of the IISE Annual Conference (2021).

H. Yang, D.P. Morton, C. Bandi and K. Dvijotham, “Robust optimization and control for electricity generation and transmission,” INFORMS Journal on Computing 33, 336-351 (2021). 

D. Duque and D.P. Morton, “Distributionally robust stochastic dual dynamic programming,” SIAM Journal on Optimization 30, 2841-2865 (2020). 

D. Duque, D.P. Morton, B. Singh, Z. Du, R. Pasco and L.A. Meyers, “Timing social distancing to avert unmanageable COVID-19 hospital surges,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (33) 19873-19878 (2020). 

O. Dowson, D.P. Morton and B.Pagnoncelli, “Partially observable multistage stochastic programming,” Operations Research Letters 48, 505-512 (2020). 

J. Mays, D.P. Morton and R.P. O'Neill, "Asymmetric risk and fuel neutrality in electricity capacity markets,'' Nature Energy 4, 948-956 (2019).