Faculty Directory
Sanjay Mehrotra

Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Director, Center for Engineering Health


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech C246
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences


Master of Science in Machine Learning and Data Science Program


PhD Operations Research, Columbia University, New York, NY

MS Industrial Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY

BE Industrial Engineering, University of Roorkee, India

Research Interests

Sanjay Mehrotra develops methods for decision-optimization under uncertainty by studying the geometric and algebraic properties of these problems. He is passionate about applied research problems in Health Systems Engineering. However, the breadth of his skills has allowed him to work with students to also make fundamental contributions in applied areas of Energy, Inventory, and Financial Budgeting Managment. His research brings a balance of mathematical rigor and its applicability in practice. Most recently Professor Mehrotra has developed ground-breaking results in establishing methodological convergence of two-stage stochastic optimization allowing solutions of problems that were previously intractable. He has also established some fundamental results in taking a novel approach to quantify the metrics associated with stochastic systems that can be described as mixed state Markov chains. Additionally, he has pioneered efforts in the area of Risk-Adjusted and Distributionally-Robust optimization. His healthcare systems engineering work includes modeling of the US National Transplant System where he has made very significant policy contributions. His current work is also focusing on Liver disease and Pandemic Modeling.

He is the founding director of the Center for Engineering and Health in the Institute for Public Health and Medicine, at Northwestern University. Professor Mehrotra is the chair of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) Fellow Committee, and has also served on INFORMS board. Professor Mehrotra recently started an INFORMS Health Applications Society webinar series.


Selected Publications

  1. Jian Hu, Jun Xuan and Sanjay Mehrotra (2019), “A Data Driven Functionally Robust Approach for Simultaneous Pricing and Order Quantity Decisions with Unknown Demand Function,” Operations Research, 67(6), 1564-1585.
  2. Fengqiao Luo and Sanjay Mehrotra (2019), “Decomposition Algorithm for Distributionally Robust Optimization using Wasserstein Metric with an Application to a Class of Regression Models,” European Journal of Operations Research, 278(1), 20-35
  3. Masoud Barah and Sanjay Mehrotra (2021), “Predicting Kidney Discard using Machine Learning,” Transplantation,105(9):2054-2071 DOI: 10.1097/TP.0000000000003620
  4. Shanshan Wang, Jinlin Li, and Sanjay Mehrotra (2022), “A Solution Approach to Distributionally Robust Chance-Constrained Assignment Problems,” INFORMS Journal on Optimization, 4(2),
  5. Fengqiao Luo and Sanjay Mehrotra (2022), “A Decomposition Algorithm for Distributionally-Robust Two-stage Stochastic Mixed-integer Cone Programs”, Mathematical Programming, 196, 673-717
  6. Masoud Barah, Vikram Kilambi, John J. Friedewald and Sanjay Mehrotra (2022), “Implications of Accumulated Cold Time for US Kidney Transplantation Offer Acceptance” Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 17(9), 1353-1362