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Ian McCue

Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering


2220 Campus Drive
Cook 2036
Evanston, IL 60208

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Materials Science and Engineering

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Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Research Interests

Ian’s research vision is to solve the problem of scalable processing for advanced, nanostructured materials by focusing on advanced manufacturing and self-organization phenomena. We are interested in pushing the boundaries of microstructural control during fabrication to create new materials that are stronger, tougher, more thermally stable, and even capable of repairing themselves. This research is split across several key thrusts: (1) new manufacturing process to create advanced nanocomposites for structural applications; (2) studying the mechanical behavior of nanostructured materials; and (3) advancing the fundamental understanding between material architecture – curvature, microstructural length scale, and composition – diffusion pathways, external fields, and phase transformations.

Significant Recognition

  • Invited Speaker, Gordon Research Conference – Physical Metallurgy (2019)
  • Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award, Silver (2014)

Selected Publications

I. McCue, S. Xiang, K. Xie, M.J. Demkowicz, “The effect of microstructure morphology on indentation response of Ta/Ti nanocomposites,” Metallurgical Transactions A, (2020)

I. McCue, J. Stuckner, M. Murayama, M.J. Demkowicz, “Gaining new insights into nanoporous gold by mining and analysis of published images,” Scientific Reports, 8, 6761 (2018)

I. McCue, A. Karma, J. Erlebacher, “Pattern Formation During Electrochemical and Liquid Metal Dealloying,” MRS Bulletin, 43 (1), (2018)

I. McCue, B. Gaskey, P.-A. Geslin, A. Karma, J. Erlebacher, “Kinetics and morphological evolution of liquid metal dealloying,” Acta Materialia, 115, 10-23 (2016)

I. McCue, E. Benn, B. Gaskey, J. Erlebacher, “Dealloying and dealloyed materials,” Annual Reviews of Materials Research, 46 (1), 1.1–1.24 (2016)

P.-A. Geslin, I. McCue, B. Gaskey, A. Karma, J. Erlebacher, “Topology-generating interfacial pattern formation during liquid metal dealloying,” Nature Communications, 6:8887 (2015)

I. McCue, J Snyder, X Li, Q Chen, K Sieradzki, J Erlebacher, "Apparent inverse Gibbs Thomson effect in dealloyed nanoporous nanoparticles," Physical Review Letters, 108 (22), 225503 (2012)