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Ping Guo

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech L286
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-491-4029Email Ping Guo


Advanced intelligent Manufacturing Laboratory (AIM)


Mechanical Engineering

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Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

B.S. in Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Research Interests

Micro/meso-scale manufacturing processes, process modeling and control

Micro-structured functional surfaces, structural coloration, elliptical vibration texturing

Micro-additive manufacturing, 3D metal printing, near-field electrospinning

Near-field acoustic levitation, actuators and sensors, robotics

Computer vision-based metrology

Significant Recognition

  • ASME Kornel F. Ehman Manufacturing Medal (2021)
  • ASME Best Organizer of Symposium & Sessions Award (BOSS Awards) (2020)
  • SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award (2020)
  • SME Outstanding Associate Editor for Journal of Manufacturing Processes (2020)
  • Young Investigator Award, International Symposium on Flexible Automation (2018)
  • Early Career Award, Hong Kong Research Grants Council (2016)

Significant Professional Service

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 2017 - present

Selected Publications

  • Wang, Yaoke; Guo, Ping, Stiffness modeling for near field acoustic levitation bearings, Applied Physics Letters 118(20) (2021).
  • Huang, Yan; You, Xiangyu; Tang, Zhiqiang; Tong, Kai Yu; Guo, Ping; Zhao, Ni, Interface Engineering of Flexible Piezoresistive Sensors via Near-Field Electrospinning Processed Spacer Layers, Small Methods 5(4) (2021).
  • Zhao, Dongpo; Zhu, Zihui; Huang, Peng; Guo, Ping; Zhu, Li Min; Zhu, Zhiwei, Development of a piezoelectrically actuated dual-stage fast tool servo, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 144 (2020).
  • Huang, Yan; You, Xiangyu; Fan, Xiangyu; Wong, Ching Ping; Guo, Ping; Zhao, Ni, Near-Field Electrospinning Enabled Highly Sensitive and Anisotropic Strain Sensors, Advanced Materials Technologies 5(11) (2020).
  • Wang, Yaoke; Wang, Jian Jian; Chen, Alyssa; Kwok, Nicholas; Guo, Ping, Structural coloration using face turning and variable tool vibration frequency, Journal of Manufacturing Processes 56:1392-1396 (2020).
  • Wang, Jianjian; Wang, Yaoke; Yang, Yang; Yang, Ru; Liao, Wei Hsin; Guo, Ping, Fabrication of structurally colored basso-relievo with modulated elliptical vibration texturing, Precision Engineering 64:113-121 (2020).
  • Guo, Ping; Yang, Yang, A novel realization of diffractive optically variable devices using ultrasonic modulation cutting, CIRP Annals 68(1):575-578 (2019).
  • Yang, Yang; Gao, Shiming; Chen, Keyu; Pan, Yayue; Guo, Ping, Vibration analysis and development of an ultrasonic elliptical vibration tool based on a portal frame structure, Precision Engineering 50:421-432 (2017).
  • Guo, Ping; Gao, Han, An active non-contact journal bearing with bi-directional driving capability utilizing coupled resonant mode, CIRP Annals 67(1):405-408 (2018).
  • Zhu, Wu Le; Zhu, Zhiwei; Guo, Ping; Ju, Bing Feng, A novel hybrid actuation mechanism based XY nanopositioning stage with totally decoupled kinematics, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 99:747-759 (2018).
  • Wang, Jianjian; Zhang, Jianfu; Feng, Pingfa; Guo, Ping; Zhang, Qiaoli, Feasibility Study of Longitudinal-Torsional-Coupled Rotary Ultrasonic Machining of Brittle Material, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Transactions of the ASME 140(5) (2018).
  • You, Xiangyu; Ye, Chengcong; Guo, Ping, Electric field manipulation for deposition control in near-field electrospinning, Journal of Manufacturing Processes 30:431-438 (2017).