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Jonathan Emery

Associate Professor of Instruction


2220 Campus Drive
Cook Hall
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests

Undergraduate and graduate materials education; materials education and outreach; computer-based modeling for education; X-ray characterization; atomic layer deposition

Selected Publications

  • Ahles, Aaron A.; Emery, Jonathan D.; Dunand, David C., Mechanical properties of meteoritic Fe–Ni alloys for in-situ extraterrestrial structures, Acta Astronautica (2021).
  • Prestowitz, Luke C.O.; Emery, Jonathan Daniel; Huang, Jiaxing, Polysketch Pen, Journal of Chemical Education 98(6):2055-2061 (2021).
  • Liu, Pengfei; Zhang, Yuchen; Liu, Cong; Emery, Jonathan D.; Das, Anusheela; Bedzyk, Michael J.; Hock, Adam S.; Martinson, Alex B.F., Thermal atomic layer deposition of gold, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 13(7):9091-9100 (2021).
  • Kwon, Gihan; Cho, Yeong Ho; Kim, Ki Bum; Emery, Jonathan D.; Kim, In Soo; Zhang, Xiaoyi; Martinson, Alex B.F.; Tiede, Davd M., Microfluidic electrochemical cell for in situ structural characterization of amorphous thin-film catalysts using high-energy X-ray scattering, Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 26:1600-1611 (2019).
  • Halder, Avik; Liu, Cong; Liu, Zhun; Emery, Jonathan Daniel; Pellin, Michael J.; Curtiss, Larry A.; Zapol, Peter; Vajda, Stefan; Martinson, Alex B.F., Water Oxidation Catalysis via Size-Selected Iridium Clusters, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122(18):9965-9972 (2018).
  • Campbell, Gavin P.; Mannix, Andrew J.; Emery, Jonathan D.; Lee, Tien Lin; Guisinger, Nathan P.; Hersam, Mark C.; Bedzyk, Michael J., Resolving the Chemically Discrete Structure of Synthetic Borophene Polymorphs, Nano letters 18(5):2816-2821 (2018).
  • Kim, Jae Jin; Suh, Hyo Seon; Zhou, Chun; Mane, Anil U.; Lee, Byeongdu; Kim, Soojeong; Emery, Jonathan D.; Elam, Jeffrey W.; Nealey, Paul F.; Fenter, Paul; Fister, Timothy T., Mechanistic understanding of tungsten oxide in-plane nanostructure growth, Nanoscale 10(7):3469-3479 (2018).
  • Zeng, Li; Turrisi, Riccardo; Fu, Bo; Emery, Jonathan D.; Walker, Amanda R.; Ratner, Mark A.; Hersam, Mark C.; Facchetti, Antonio F.; Marks, Tobin J.; Bedzyk, Michael J., Measuring Dipole Inversion in Self-Assembled Nano-Dielectric Molecular Layers, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 10(7):6484-6490 (2018).