Faculty Directory
Arthur Felse

Professor of Instruction

Assistant Director of Research, Master of Science in Biotechnology Program


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech NG15
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

847-491-7387Email Arthur Felse


Chemical and Biological Engineering


Master of Biotechnology Program

Research Interests

Engineering education research, teaching non-engineers, diversity in engineering, data analytics for clinical trial success and medical product safety.

Selected Publications

  • , Introduction to Special Section on Diversity, Chemical Engineering Education 52(2):70-71 (2018).
  • Felse, Arthur, Pedagogical Approaches to Teach Fluid Mechanics and Mass Transfer to Nonengineers With a Biotechnology Focus, Chemical Engineering Education 52(3):202-211 (2018).
  • Felse, Arthur, Diversity and Inclusion in Chemical Engineering Education, Chemical Engineering Education 52(2):114 (2018).
  • Riley, Erin M.; Hattaway, Holly Z.; Felse, P. Arthur, Implementation and use of cloud-based electronic lab notebook in a bioprocess engineering teaching laboratory, Journal of Biological Engineering 11(1) (2017).
  • Riley, Erin M.; Felse, Arthur, A laboratory experiment to demonstrate the principles of sedimentation in a centrifuge, Chemical Engineering Education 51(4):166-175 (2017).