Faculty Directory
Xinqi Chen

Research Associate Professor

Facility Manager of Keck Interdisciplinary Surface Science (Keck-II) Center, NUANCE Center


2220 Campus Drive
Cook Hall #1161
Evanston, IL 60208

847-491-5505Email Xinqi Chen


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Mechanical Engineering


PhD, Electronic Engineering, 1999, Kyoto University, Japan

MS, Electrical Engineering, 1991, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

BS, Electrical Engineering, 1988, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Research Interests

Nanomaterials synthesis and characterization, Surface characterization, Experimental nanomechanics

Selected Publications

P. Guo, M. S. Weimer, J. D. Emery, B. T. Diroll, X. Chen, A. S. Hock, R. P. H. Chang, A. B. F. Martinson, and R. D. Schaller, Conformal Coating of Phase Change Materials on Ordered Plasmonic Nanorod Arrays for Broadband All-Optical Switching, ACS Nano 11 (2017) 693.

Y. Li, J. D. Cain, E. D. Hanson, A. A. Murthy, S. Hao, F. Shi, Q. Li, C. Wolverton, X. Chen, V. P Dravid, Au@MoS2 Core-shell Heterostructures with Strong Light-Matter Interactions, Nano Letters 16 (2016) 7696.

B. Zhao, X. Xie, S. Xu, Y. Pan, B. Yang, S. Guo, T. Wei, H. Su, H. Wang, X. Chen, V. P. Dravid, L. Huang, and W. Huang, From ScOOH to Sc2O3: Phase Control, Luminescent Properties, and Applications, Advanced Materials 28 (2016) 6665.

Z. Luo, Y. Jiang, B. D. Myers, D. Isheim, J. Wu, J. F. Zimmerman, Z. Wang, Q. Li, Y. Wang, X. Chen, V. P. Dravid, D. N. Seidman, & B, Tian, Atomic gold-enabled three-dimensional lithography for silicon mesostructures, Science 348 (2015) 1451.

J. Xu, J. Wu, , L. Luo, X. Chen, H. Qin, V. Dravid, S. Mi, & C, Jia, Co3O4 nanocubes homogeneously assembled on few-layer graphene for high energy density lithium-ion batteries, Journal of Power Sources 274 (2015) 816.

M. W. Ambrogio, M. Frasconi, M. D. Yilmaz, & X. Chen, New methods for improved characterization of silica nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems, Langmuir 29 (2013) 15386.

D. Zhao, J. L. Shui, C. Chen, X. Chen, B. M. Reprogle, D. Wang, & D. J. Liu, Iron imidazolate framework as precursor for electrocatalysts in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, Chemical Science 3 (2012) 3200.

S. Watcharotone, C. D. Wood, R. Friedrich, X. Chen, R. Qiao, K. Putz and L. C. Brinson, Interfacial and Substrate Effects on Local Elastic Properties of Polymers Using Coupled Experiments and Modeling of Nanoindentation, Advanced Engineering Materials 13 (2011) 400.

M. Zhi, X. Chen, H. Finklea, I. Celik, N. Q. Wu, Electrochemical and microstructural analysis of nickel–yttria-stabilized zirconia electrode operated in phosphorus-containing syngas, Journal of Power Sources 183 (2008) 485.

X. Chen, R. S. Ruoff, Simple and catalyst-free synthesis of Silicon Oxide Nanowires, Nano 2 (2007) 91.

X. Chen, D. R. Cantrell, K. Kohlhaas, S. Stankovich, J. A. Ibers, M. Jaroniec, H. Gao, X. Li, R. S. Ruoff, Carbide-derived nanoporous carbon- and core-shell- nanowires, Chemistry of Materials 18 (2006) 753.

X. Chen, S. Zhang, D. A. Dikin, W. Ding, R. S. Ruoff, L. Pan, Y. Nakayama, Mechanics of a carbon nanocoil, Nano Letters 3 (2003) 1299.

X. Chen, T. Saito, H. Yamada, and K. Matsushige, Aligning single-wall carbon nanotubes with an alternating-current electric field, Applied Physics Letters 78 (2001) 3714.