Professor Randall Berry Joins AI Workshop Hosted by Federal Agencies

Randall Berry Northwestern Engineering's Randall Berry recently served as a panelist during a public workshop co-hosted by the Federal Communications Commission and the National Science Foundation on the "Opportunities and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Communications Networks and Consumers."

Berry is the John A. Dever Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the McCormick School of Engineering.

He joined the discussion on "AI’s Dramatic Impact on Communications Networks and Technologies," which addressed the opportunities that AI presents for spectrum management and network resiliency.

The event convened a broad group of stakeholders - including network operators, academics, representatives from federal agencies; and public-interest groups - to discuss the impacts and challenges of AI in the telecommunications and technology sectors, such as AI’s transformative potential to optimize network traffic, improve spectrum policy and facilitate sharing, and enhance resiliency through self-healing networks.

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