Northwestern University Hosts SpectrumX Center Fall Meeting

Unveiling comprehensive undergraduate research experience programs, introducing a new board of advisory members, and launching a flagship workshop on crafting comments on policy for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) were just some of the top agenda items for attendees of SpectrumX’s Fall 2023 Center meeting.

The meeting took place at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, from October 9 and 10, 2023. It brought the multi-institutional center, composed of 27 founding institutions and led by the University of Notre Dame, to the upper midwest to discuss research progress, center initiatives, and more.

“Hosting the center meeting at Northwestern University allows us to show members from around the country our unique capabilities and facilities,” said Randall Berry, John A. Dever Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northwestern Engineering and SpectrumX research planning committee member. “Bringing partners and experts to our university allows our students the opportunity to attend a center meeting, present their research at poster sessions, and make new connections with researchers and industry stakeholders.”

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