Computer Engineering Graduate Stacy Devino Named in Women Who Code’s “100 Technologists to Watch” List

Stacy Devino

Stacy Devino (’09) was named to the inaugural Women Who Code Applaud Her Awards: 100 Technologists To Watch list.

Women Who Code’s mission is to empower diverse women to excel in technology careers and foster a more inclusive future for the next generation of technologists. The Applaud Her Awards: 100 Technologists To Watch list recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of technologists from a range of backgrounds who have achieved excellence, innovated the industry, and shown leadership.

An Android developer for more than a decade, Devino is a multifaceted, international speaker noted for her work in diversity advocacy, tech democracy, “real-talk” personal and technical development, and as a keynote speaker.

Devino studied computer engineering at Northwestern Engineering with an emphasis on embedded systems and high-powered computing. Outside the classroom, she explored analog and digital circuit design as well as advanced system software.

Devino will present during the April 14 Founder Fridays event hosted by Google Developers. She was a guest on the Tiaras and Tech podcast — the episode will release in May. She recently spoke during the Meetup Live event “Beyond Salary: Negotiating Your Next Tech Offer.”

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