Amar Krishna Selected Among 'Top Entrepreneurs And Top Innovators in 2018'

Silicon Valley-based Chefling is closing in on a groundbreaking future with the first AI-powered kitchen assistant that can automate home-cooking.

EECS Alumnus Amar Krishna (MS '16) has been chosen as a 'Top Entrepreneurs And Top Innovators in 2018' by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Krishna is Co-founder of Chefling, where he leads in bootstrapping, scaling, and managing a skilled team, as well, as scaling up the business, driving customer growth, partnerships, and data science.

Along with fellow Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering Alumnus Jeff Xie (MS '16, Materials Science), the two members of the founding team, explain why it's such a big deal to consumers and appliance manufacturers. “We’ve developed a new state-of-the-art technology called UltraConnect that integrates seamlessly with smart kitchen appliances,” Krishna said. “It can do things like automatically pre-heat the oven according to recipes by using natural language processing. It's the next level in making the kitchen smarter and more connected.”

As a CS MS Student at Northwestern, Krishna worked as a Graduate Research Assistant in the CUCIS Lab, where he researched data mining and machine learning techniques on material science data (in collaboration with the NU Material Science Dept.).

The Chefling app represents what Krishna and Xie see as the future of cooking, which includes automating the meal planning and cooking process, reducing food waste, exploring new cuisine, and providing people with a smart kitchen assistant in their pocket. Now that's something even the Jetsons would approve.

Chefling is the best way to make shopping lists, keep track of your food and find recipes you can cook with the ingredients you already have! Chefling condenses all the needs of the kitchen into one mobile app. Together with Amazon Echo, you can achieve complete hands-free experience in the kitchen. Chefling is just like a kitchen assistant that you can speak with. 

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