Alumna Stacy Devino Highlighted in Intel Software Feature

Her studies at NU EECS led her to work in mobile/cellular fields and as an Android specialist, she has works in all parts of the OS and applications.

Stacy Devino

Stacy Devino (BS 09') was interviewed in an Intel Software feature discussing her coding journey from a budding childhood interest in watching her Grandpa fix her broken electronic toys to becoming a Google Developer Expert for Android, Intel Innovator, Google Developer Group Mentor, and her current role for Nike s23NYC Labs building Android apps like the SNKRS, focused on delivering exceptional customer mobile experiences through rich media, geo-synced content, and augmented reality.

At NU, she studied Computer Engineering with an emphasis on embedded systems and high powered computing, while focusing on analog and digital circuit design as well as advanced system software outside of the classroom for personal gain. 

Devino remarked of her NU EECS experience, "One night at the end of a Society of Women Engineers meeting, I met a man who would become a huge influence in my life, Allen Taflove. We spoke for six hours that night and he really helped me find my direction even though it wasn't his area of expertise (he had literally invented his own area of science). The very next day, I met with his longtime friend Larry Henschen in Computer Engineering. I may not have always done well because I was always inventing and building instead of spending time on schoolwork, but I was happy. My teachers, mentors, and even folks in the audio community helped me progress, nourishing that thirst with new projects and ideas. I even designed my first "real" electronics product entirely on my own from board design to code of a small, configurable sensor board "shield" for the Computer Science group."

She continued working on Android Applications/Android OS and even developed IoT appliances from the ground up which were used by companies like Apple and Amazon. Her work has been featured on Wired, Gizmodo, and, while her apps have tens of millions of active users and developed cloud solutions at scale.

"It really has been a bit of a banner year for me thus far. A large number of talks, 14 conferences, new job, local tv spot, and next year I am slated to do my first keynote at the largest Android conference in the world", exclaimed Devino.

Excerpted from "Intel® Software Innovator Stacy Devino: Perfecting the Fine Art of the Hack" | 11/27/2018 by Wendy Boswell. Read the full Intel article

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