2016 EECS Student Poster Fair Results

The 2016 EECS Student Poster Fair was held on Tuesday, April 19 in the Technological Institute Main Lobby.

The 2016 EECS Student Poster Fair was held on Tuesday, April 19 in the Technological Institute Main Lobby.

During the event, attendees were invited to listen to student poster/project presentations on a variety of EECS related topics, ask questions, as well as receiving information about EECS Department and also, see what EECS as a department has to offer, while talking to faculty, staff, Deans, EECS graduate/undergraduate students and other distinguished guests.

Undergraduate and Graduate students presented research and made their best scientific pitch to win $3,400 in total prizes (gift cards for top 3 Graduate entries in each EE, CE,CS Academic Division and top 3 Undergraduate entries). View more event photos on our Facebook album

Spectators were also allotted the opportunity to view exciting, engaging, and futuristic demos created, as well as presented by EECS student groups.

Students Bryanna Yeh, Katherine Lin and Collin Barnwell from Prof. Brenna D. Argall's class, EECS 301: Introductory Robotics Laboratory, ran a demo featuring the robot hardware. The Northwestern Robotics Club (a club where students who are interested in robotics can come together and work on exciting projects in the field), presented, as well, in addition to multiple other exhibitions by EECS Labs.



1. Stephan Kim

  • Modular time division multiplexer: Efficient simultaneous characterization of fast and slow transients in multiple samples.

2. TIED: Marc Gyongyosi

  • GPU-Accelerated Visual Inertial State Estimation of a Quadrotor for Automated Data Collection and Analysis in Indoor Spaces

2. TIED: Bryanna Yeh

  • Robotic Assistance for Powered Wheelchairs

3. Hao Tian (Thomas) Yang

  • Material Growth and Characterization of III-V Materials for Long-Wavelength Infrared (LWIR) Detection using Quantum Disc-based Focal Plane Arrays

Graduate - Computer Engineering

Graduate - Computer Science

1.    Curtis Wang

  • Detecting cardiovascular activity from high-speed video

2.    Reza Borhani

  • Machine learning opens a new window to understanding ADHD

3.    TIED: Siddarth Jain

  • Towards Validated Surgical Skills Assessment

3.    TIED: Muhammed Mas-ud Hussain

  • Transit and Weather Contexts in Place Recommendation Systems (former title: Incorporating Weather Updates for Public Transportation Users of Recommendation Systems)

Graduate - Electrical Engineering

1.     Jing Wang

  • Effects of Contrast Adjustment on Visual Gloss of Natural Textures

2.     Zhongyang Li

  • Steering light by metasurfaces at nanoscale

3.    Wenjia Zhou

  • Monolithically integrated tunable quantum cascade laser source for gas sensing

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