EECS Alumnus Yinzhi Cao Interviewed by CCTV America

SafePay is the first anti-fraud system to use existing credit card readers.

Yinzhi Cao

EECS alumnus Yinzhi Cao (PHD 14') was interviewed by CCTV America and broadcasted in China for his contribution in developing SafePay, the first anti-fraud system to use existing credit card readers.

What is SafePay? Here’s how it works: First, the user downloads and executes the mobile banking application, which communicates with the bank server. During transactions, the mobile application acquires disposable credit card numbers from the bank server, generates a wave file, plays the file to generate electrical current, and then drives the magnetic card chip via an audio jack or Bluetooth.

The SafePay research was led by Cao and co-authored by NU EECS Ph.D. Student Xiang Pan and their advisor Prof. Yan Chen of the Northwestern University Lab for Internet and Security Technology (LIST). They recently presented their work at the IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security, September 28-30, 2015, in Florence, Italy. The study was also published as paper, "SafePay: Protecting against Credit Card Forgery with Existing Magnetic Card Readers." Read More

Yinzhi Cao recently joined the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh University as an Assistant Professor. His research interests are Web Security, Mobile Security, Machine Learning Security, and Privacy. Xiang Pan is a 4th year PhD student working in the areas of web security, web privacy, SDN security and Android security.

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