Choudhary's Social Intelligence Company, 4C, Announces $5M Series B Funding

Based on decades of research by Prof. Choudhary, these algorithm mine social-media data around the globe to help advertisers target their campaigns on television, Twitter, Facebook and other media channels.

Prof. Alok ChoudharyProf. Alok Choudhary has received major funding for his big data startup, 4C. The amount of $5 million from Chicago-based venture fund Jump Capital was awarded to the Social Intelligence Company based on 4C's platforms application of algorithms.

Based on decades of research by Prof. Choudhary, these algorithm mine social-media data around the globe to help advertisers target their campaigns on television, Twitter, Facebook and other media channels.

Prof. Choudhary said, “People are communicating, whether it's Twitter or Facebook, about brands and TV shows. Our goal is to find their connections and affinities to help brands target their media. We're looking at the network effects. It's predictive analytics” (Pletz, Crain's Chicago Business)

Prof. Choudhary founded 4C, and acts as its chairman and chief scientist, to focus on using data science to analyze the world's largest collection of publicly available social data to generate true marketing intelligence. The funding will be used to build out the company's platform, launch new initiatives for the television industry, expand international operations, and support infrastructure for clients across the globe.

Many media outlets have covered prof. Choudhary's major advancment in the fields of analytics and social intelligence. View his and other's quotes from various articles below.

“We have significantly grown the product and the engineering team with the idea being we want to impact multiple channels,” said Choudhary, whose big data algorithm that turns social media intelligence into insights for ad targeting was the basis for Voxsup. “TV is an important aspect of that. We want to bring the use of our data and science in a way that scales to a much larger number of users and data sets.” - Adexchanger

“The reason why, to date, agencies and massive holding companies have enjoyed working with us is because of our position – we’re not in competition with them and they can train their staff on a best-of-breed technology and we can continue focusing on bringing them the best solution we can,” commented Neuhaser. “One of the reasons we’ve been able to do as much as we have at the size we are is because we are dedicated to being a licensed platform, rather than a managed-services organizatio" - Adexchanger

“(4C) provides the strongest science in the social-media market,” Sach Chitnis, managing director at Jump Capital, said in an e-mail. “They make the social medium significantly more actionable, enable precision in advertising, and provide deeper insights and intelligence than most others in this crowded space.” - Crain's Chicago Business

“Jump Capital is a very special funding partner as they have a tremendous vision regarding how social media and big data can co-mingle. Their portfolio is highly complementary to our business model and we see many synergies that will be advantageous to both of our companies,” said Lance Neuhauser (pictured), CEO at 4C. “We anticipate a long relationship with Jump Capital and are eager to make a strong mark on the data-driven marketing world as a result of this funding.” - Adotas, PR Newswire, Yahoo Finance,

“4C is using precise data analytics to track and deliver exactly what advertisers are most interested in: audience behavior,” said Sach Chitnis, managing director at Jump Capital. “The combination of deep science, advertising experience and impressive team drew us to 4C, as did the relationships they have already built, their strong R&D success culture, and the team’s past entrepreneurial.  4C’s data science is truly industry leading and is providing actionable intelligence to produce remarkable results for their customers.” - Adotas, PR Newswire, Yahoo Finance

"A prime example comes in the surprisingly strong and over indexed connection of Financial Services to Reality TV Viewing. Consumers of both Financial Services and Reality TV are drawn to the unscripted drama that occurs within both interests. However, at 4C we also have the ability to look deeper than categories and identify direct connections between brands, users and precise interests. In past social ad campaigns top performer connections have been; Nicorette to Santa Claus, PGA to the Kennedy Center for the Arts, & Microsoft to Post-it Notes.” Said CEO Lance Neuhauser- Tech Crunch

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