Affiliated Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Photo of Curtis Weiss

Curtis Weiss

Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Research Faculty

Photo of Jennifer Dunn

Jennifer Dunn

Research Associate Professor

Director of Research, Northwestern Argonne Institute of Science and Engineering

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Photo of Mayfair Kung

Mayfair Kung

Research Associate Professor

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Photo of Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee

Research Assistant Professor

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Photo of Trung Nguyen

Trung Nguyen

Research Assistant Professor

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Photo of Neil Schweitzer

Neil Schweitzer

Research Assistant Professor

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MBP Faculty

Photo of Arthur Felse

Arthur Felse

Associate Professor of Instruction

Assistant Director of Research, Master of Science in Biotechnology Program

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Photo of Igor Kourkine

Igor Kourkine

Professor of Instruction

Associate Director and Director of Admissions, Master of Science in Biotechnology Program

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Photo of William Miller

William Miller

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Director, Master of Science in Biotechnology Program

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MBP Adjunct Faculty

Photo of Ito Hiroyuki

Ito Hiroyuki

Adjunct Professor

Director and CNS Group Leader, Astellas Research Institute of America

Photo of Fang Lai

Fang Lai

Adjunct Professor

VP of R&D, Ohmx Corporation

Photo of David Peritt

David Peritt

Adjunct Professor

Director, Biosimilars Biology (Hospira)