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Hulburt Memorial Lectures

The Hugh M. Hulburt Memorial Lecture was established to bring leaders in chemical engineering research and management to Northwestern to lecture and interact with students and faculty members, and to foster closer collaboration between industry and academia in the education of future chemical engineers.

2024 Hulburt lecture

May 16th | 9:30am | Tech LR4
Chau-Chyun Chen, Texas Tech

Past Presentations

2023: Jean Tom, Bristol Myers Squibb
2022: Grace E. Colón, InCarda Therapeutics Inc.
2020: Anne Roby, Linde
2019: Gavin Towler, Honeywell
2018: Jack Burgman, PPG
2017: Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech
2016: Joan Stafslien, Millenium Health
2015: Jennifer Feeley, ExxonMobil
2014: Ann Czyzewski, AbbVie
2013: Paul Collins, Eli Lily and Company
2012: Don Nelson, Chevron Technology Ventures
2011: Rakesh Agrawal, Purdue University and Air Products
2010: Ben Christolini, UOP (delivered by Simon Hobbs)
2008: Jeffrey J. Siirola, Eastman Chemical Company
2007: William F. Banholzer, Dow Chemical Company
2006: Lawrence B. Evans, Aspen Technology Inc.
2005: Keith Grime, Procter & Gamble Company 
2004: Patricia T. Sparrell, ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences Inc.
2003: Richard M. Gross, Dow Chemical
2002: Sang-Tae Kim, Lilly Research Laboratories
2001: Patrick R. Gruber, Cargill Dow LLC
2000: Stephen W. Drew, Merck & Company Inc.
1999: William W. Graessley, Princeton University
1998: Stanley A. Gembicki, UOP
1997: Thomas M. Sutliff, Baxter Healthcare International
1996: William J. White, Bell & Howell
1995: Kathleen C. Taylor, General Motors
1994: Norman N. Li, AlliedSignal Inc.
1993: L. Lewis Hegedus, W. R. Grace & Company
1992: James E. Patton, Eastman Kodak Company
1991: Harold J. Corbett, Monsanto Company
1990: Warren R. Haug, Procter & Gamble Company
1989: Edward A. Mason, Amoco Corporation
1988: Vern W. Weekman, Mobil Corporation