Photo of Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young

Business Administrator
Phone: 847-491-2776
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Back-up: Bryson Howard
  • Oversees financial operations and budget for the department
  • Approving financial transactions, faculty payroll, salary recovery, leaves, and promotion
  • Interpreting and advising on NU policy
  • Coordinating effort reporting, annual report, facilities management, and annual space survey, etc.
  • Manages department administrative staff
Photo of Bryson Howard

Bryson Howard

Financial Administrator
Phone: 847-491-2774
Office: Tech E136
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Back-up: Jennifer Young
  • Manages projections for faculty
  • Post award management, including advising and assisting with spending plans on grants
  • Account reconciliation and award close out
  • New chart-field requests
  • Level 2 financial approver
  • Check deposits
Photo of Yamina Khouane

Yamina Khouane

Financial Assistant
Phone: 847-467-4824
Email Yamina
Back-up: Bryson Howard
  • Payroll for post-docs and visiting scholars
  • Payroll and tuition management for graduate students
  • Payroll and onboarding for temps and work-study students
  • Level 1 financial approver
  • Serves as liaison with McC Customer Service Center for visas and hiring paperwork
Photo of Olivia Wise

Olivia Wise

Graduate Program Coordinator
Phone: 847-491-2773
Email Olivia
Back-up: Jennifer Young
  • Manages recruitment, applications, and admissions
  • Assists current graduate students with final thesis presentation paperwork and forms submission to The Graduate School
  • Room requests for student milestones
  • Organizes seminars and lectures
  • Manages hall monitor updates
  • Manages monthly departmental newsletter
  • Website and social media updates
Photo of Dana Omar

Dana Omar

Program Assistant
Phone: 847-467-0086
Email Dana
Back-up: Baylee Byers
  • First point of contact for the department, providing assistance in all aspects of procedures and services
  • Registration and enrollment (permission number waitlists, textbook ordering and quarterly classroom reservations)
  • Assist with department special requests
  • Meeting room reservation requests
  • Assisting student groups (i.e. GSF and AIChE)
  • P-card purchases
  • Processes purchase orders for ChBE office, ChBE classes and the following labs: Leonard, Lucks, Cole, and Chem Eng 342.
Photo of Baylee Byers

Baylee Byers

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 847-491-2775
Email Baylee

Back-up: Dana Omar

  • Manage special projects for the Department Chair
  • Space management (including the conference room, computer lab, and storage room)
  • Wildcard Access and facilities requests
  • Room reservation requests
  • Calendar and meeting support for faculty
  • Processes purchase orders for the following labs: Amaral, Lee, Lopez, Richards, Snurr, Torkelson, and Wang.
Photo of Jenna Jones

Jenna Jones

Accounting Specialist
Phone: 847-491-2771
Email Jenna
Back-up: Yamina Khouane
  • Enters expense reports for students, postdocs, and research staff
  • Visitor's Expense Reports
  • Capital equipment inventory management and requests
  • Supplier management
  • P-card purchases for conference registrations and lab expenses
  • Processes purchase orders for the following labs: Broadbelt, Dunn, Ercek, Jewett, Kung, Notestein, Seitz, and Tyo.
Photo of Will Chaussee

Will Chaussee

Program Coordinator
Phone: 847-491-2623
Email Will
Back-up: Jennifer Young
  • Directly supports Lucks, Leonard, Tullman-Ercek and Jewett Labs
  • Manages projections for faculty
  • Post award management, including advising and assisting with spending plans on grants
  • Account reconciliation and award close out
  • Administration of the Biotechnology Training Program
Photo of Ben P. Nelson

Ben P. Nelson

Senior Research Administrator
Phone: 847-491-5016
Email Ben P.
  • Manages all proposal preparation and post-award management
  • Sponsored research activities compliance monitoring
  • Processes OSR2 forms to request account code opening, no-cost extension etc.
  • Effort Reporting, Payroll, and NU Financials System backup approver
  • Liaison with Office for Sponsored Research (OSR)

Master of Biotechnology

Photo of Danielle Tullman-Ercek

Danielle Tullman-Ercek

Director, Master of Science in Biotechnology
Phone: 847-491-7043
Office: Silverman 3619
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Photo of Karen Healy Stover

Karen Healy Stover

Associate Director
Office: Office of Professional Education
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Photo of Igor Kourkine

Igor Kourkine

Deputy Director
Phone: 847-491-3559
Office: Tech NG17
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Photo of Svetlana Korzeniowski

Svetlana Korzeniowski

Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 847-491-7399
Office: Tech NG13
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