Event Resources
Vendor Contracts

Contract Review Process

Plan Your Event

  • Plan your budget; calculate cost per person.
  • Ensure compliance with Northwestern Travel and Expense Policy. If special consideration, submit exception request.
  • Select a vendor and assemble event rider, COI and contract; use Northwestern preferred vendors to make the process easier. Learn more on the Procurement and Payment Services site
  • Begin the contract review process the same day event dates have been established and invitations have been sent; do not wait until details and quantities are finalized.

Obtain Documentation from Vendor

  • Consult the list of required contracts and documents to determine what documentation is needed for your particular event.
  • Determine if vendor has a current certificate of insurance (COI) and 12-month events rider on file; you do not need to request this documentation from the vendor again if it is available on the Box.
  • Contact vendors to obtain contract and any applicable documentation.

Senior Administrator Review

  • Submit agreement/contract to a business administration/associate director or senior administrator in your unit to review all dates, details, and quantities.
  • Ensure a senior administrator initials in the margin for all pages of document to indicate that details are accurate and that all terms are understood and agreeable.

Submit Contract Document to McCormick Administration

  • Download applicable COI and 12-month events rider, if available from your vendor.
  • Email all required applicable documents to Justina Weathersby-Martin ASAP and no later than two weeks before the deadline to return to vendor.
  • Forward signed documentation that you receive back from McC Admin to your vendor.
  • Retain all documentation in department/program files for audit purposes.

Department and Program Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of departments and programs at McCormick.

  • Build a budget; calculation of cost per person
  • Comply with Northwestern Travel and Expense Policy; submit exception form in special, rare situations
  • Obtain all necessary documents from vendor; you are responsible for all communication with vendor in order to obtain rider, COI, and contract
  • Review and initial in margin that department/program agrees with event detail (dates, number of guests, costs, and timelines), terms, etc.
  • Submit all necessary documents to McC Admin ASAP and no later than two weeks before contract deadline
  • Forward endorsed rider and contract to vendor
  • Retain and file for audit purpose

McCormick Administration Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of McCormick Administration.

  • Review, amend as necessary, all legal terms
  • Sign documents (faculty and staff not authorized)
  • Upload COI and 12-month event riders to Northwestern Box for access by all McC departments/programs