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Tech and Ford Publicity Policy

The schools based in the Technological Institute (Tech) and Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center (Ford) on the Evanston Campus endorse Northwestern Campus Publicity Policies and Procedures and have aligned the Tech and Ford publicity policy accordingly:

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Policy Objective

Student groups and University departments are encouraged to publicize and promote their activities to the University community. Effective advertising is critical to the success of campus activities. The flyers and advertisements on campus bulletin boards are important indicators of the vitality of campus life at Northwestern and show that there is much to see and do.

Departments, organizations, groups, and individuals need to exercise good judgment in advertising activities to the University community. Civility and respect for other people and our common spaces are key community values.

The following policies and procedures, devised and approved by the Dean of Student Affairs, should guide publicity efforts in and around Tech and Ford. They consider community values and needs and seek to balance campus culture with aesthetics, effectiveness, and efficiency.

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Flyer Posting in Tech and Ford

Tech and Ford offer student organizations and University departments the opportunity to advertise their events on designated kiosks and/or bulletin boards located in high-visibility areas inside the buildings and on the front plaza of Tech.

Only recognized offices, schools, departments, and student groups of the Northwestern community are permitted to post flyers in these buildings.

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Prohibited Areas

Posters, flyers, and other notices may not be posted in the following areas:

  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Columns
  • Classroom seats/chair backs
  • School signage

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Permitted Areas

Posters, flyers and other notices may be posted on designated kiosks and bulletin boards.

  • Designated kiosks and boards available for Northwestern community notices are labeled “For the exclusive use of Northwestern student organizations, University administration, and academic programs.”
  • Please note that specific school departments and programs maintain some of the bulletin boards inside Tech and Ford. These bulletin boards are for the sole use of those departments/programs. Please respect their designation.
  • All posters, flyers, and other notices must clearly state the name(s) of the sponsoring student(s) and/or organization(s). No commercial postings are allowed.
  • All posted information must comply with all University policies. In particular, alcohol may not be mentioned or depicted in an event advertisement.
  • The posting department, organization, or group is required to remove all flyers after the event date. Remaining flyers may be subject to a removal charge.
  • Flyers which do not meet policy are subject to removal without advance notice to the posting organization.

Violators of the publicity policy may be fined and have their posting privileges suspended.

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Display Case Inside Ford

Display cases in the lobby of the Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center are to be used for the purpose of displaying student work, including projects and prototypes, and faculty research from the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.

  • The content in the display case is changed at least every other month. No long-term displays will be permitted.
  • Control of this space is maintained by the McCormick marketing department at the direction of the Dean. Groups interested in displaying materials in the display cases in Ford should contact the Marketing Department at 1-4548.

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Public Space Inside Ford

Public space in the Ford Building — open hallways, the atrium, stairwells, and the lobby — will be devoted to appropriate displays and activities that support educational purposes and that contribute to the mission of Northwestern Engineering.

Public space is not owned or dominated by any particular unit or group in Northwestern Engineering in general, and the Ford Building in particular.

  • As a matter of policy, no display can remain in the public space in Ford for more than two months. There are no permanent displays in the Ford lobby.
  • As in the case of the lobby, control of public space lies with the McCormick marketing department under the direction of the Dean.
  • All postings and displays will comply with the Tech/Ford Publicity Policy.

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Video Monitors in Tech, Ford, and Cook Hall

The system of video monitors installed in Tech, Ford, and Cook Hall is managed jointly by the marketing and IT departments. Student groups and departments may request that information be posted on the monitors to promote events and programs.

  • Ads submitted for the hallways monitors must meet all digital signage guidelines and follow the submission process.
  • Please note: all events must first be entered into PlanIt Purple before their ads may be submitted for posting on the monitors.

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Taping and Chalking Outside Tech and Ford

  • Chalking is allowed only on concourse sidewalks that are exposed to the elements, i.e. not under an overhang.
  • Taping and chalking are not allowed on any non-sidewalk surfaces including walls, doors, windows, trees, and lampposts.
  • Violators of the policy will be fined and have their posting privileges suspended.
  • According to section 7-3-12 of the Evanston city ordinance: “It is unlawful for any person to place any sign on any sidewalk along Sheridan Road". The city removes signs at violators’ expense.

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Leaflets and Handbills

Only departments and recognized student groups of the Northwestern community will be allowed to distribute leaflets and handbills on campus. Leaflets must identify the sponsoring student(s) and/or organization(s).

Permission to leaflet must be obtained from the Norris Event Management Office.

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Painting any part of Tech and Ford, and/or the surrounding sidewalks, trees, benches, and/or concourses, is strictly prohibited.

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Salespersons, Distributors, Solicitation, and Drives

  • Non-student salespersons or solicitors are not permitted to solicit in Tech and/or Ford.
  • Students conducting fundraising/charitable drives are not permitted in Tech and Ford.

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Violations of Publicity Policy

Complaints regarding departments, students, or student groups who violate this publicity policy will be referred to the McCormick Associate Dean, Administration, Finance & Planning. Sanctions for violations may include but are not limited to fines or community service.